What it offers

Holiness Relationship Seminar
The Holiness Relationship Seminar was born from the experience lived by Ney and Julia, in which the Holy Spirit revealed through Scripture the need for couples to reach marriage completely pure and live a life of holiness, for this is God's will, as written in 1 Thessalonians 4: 3. This is an intense seminar for the whole family and for more than 10 years has impacted many lives in Brazil and other nations. Over ten hours long , divided into four classes, parents, children , youth, adults and married couples receive teachings from the word of God about relationships, and enjoy moments where the Holy Spirit of God ministers intensely to their hearts about repentance , renewal of our covenant with God , consecration of our bodies and our calling in this generation. They are powerful and important moments in the presence of God.

Course for Relationship Parents
The course for Relationship Parents exists to train married couples to be an example for families in, holiness and purity for this generation, promoting the care and mentoring of young couples until marriage. This course lasts for 13 weeks, 100% ONLINE where the class meets in a space with internet directed by the church. The classes are taught LIVE via video conferencing. Each couple receives the "Parent Relationship Kit" with all the teaching materials so that during the week they can do the homework for the tasks to be discussed in class as a group.
We believe that all married couples through their life story with "trials and errors" can be taught and be restored to be instruments helping emerging young couples. Through Relationship Parents we want to rescue principles that reveal God's standard for relationships and see the culture of God’s Kingdom being implemented in our generation.

Training and mentoring program for young couples
This program consists of a three month training for couples who want to start a relationship in the church. The young couple that wants to start a relationship will receive education, guidance and counseling, in order to enable them to enter this new stage of their lives with minimal potential for error. The purpose of this program is to give prospective couples a foundation of strong principles and values based on God's word about their relationship with parents and leaders during courtship. Also, financial life, marriage as a goal of dating, boundaries of physical touch, and experiences with God beside the person they love.
We do not follow a pattern of legalism and implementation of rules in dating, because we do not want to ban what is wrong, but to teach what is correct. We believe that holiness is not an obligation, but rather a decision and we can only decide on something we understand. Our goal is to guide the future young couple to go through the process of renovating their mind in order to experience the good, acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12: 2).

Holiness Relationship Encounter
In every church that completes the Course for educating Relationship Parents, there will be selected among the participants a couple who will be the "Holiness Relationship Coordinators" in their congregation. These coordinators will be the direct link between the institute and the local congregation and will nurture and develop this area in their church. Once a year, we will hold an encounter of all coordinators of Brazil. The Holiness Relationship Encounter is held on a farm and is only for the coordinators with the goal of bringing them together to exchange assessments and specific ministry experiences. A refreshing time and socializing in the presence of God.

Holiness Relationship School
The Holiness Relationship School is a place for people not wanting to conform to this world and that answered the call to holiness, positioned at this time to experience the culture of the Kingdom. For three intensive weeks, participants are dedicated fulltime in order to receive in-depth education from the scriptures on holiness, purity, the Kingdom and their life with God. This school is taught by Ministers from all over Brazil who have received specific direction from God about the topics covered. These are moments of worship, experiences with God, ministering and teaching that will change your life and align yourself to the destiny God has for you.

Holiness Relationship Conference 
The Holiness Relationship Conference is an annual gathering of ministers and people who share the desire to see a holy generation transforming cities and nations from their lives. Ministers are invited to share what they have received from God about the Kingdom of God and his standards, the conference is a time where the Holy Spirit is free to flow and pour out his gifts, awakening and calling people to surrender as an offering on the altar of the Lord.

Lectures on Sexuality
We operate in schools, businesses and universities with lectures about relationships and sexuality. The subject is in vogue in all circles of people, being discussed in various sectors of society and large institutions such as the Church and the State. How do we evelope sexuality and relationships in days of so much immorality and perversion? The goal of our seminars is to treat the "sex" subject without taboos, thus rescuing principles and ethical values of society dynamically and interactively, corresponding to the current problems through information, in a fun, intelligent and healthy way.
From a Christian perspective, we produce research, statistics, studies and articles on relationships and sexuality, in order to develop scientific material on the subject.
We have worked and strived to spread the message of holiness and the principles of God's Kingdom. One of the most efficient ways is the production of materials. Therefore, through books, CDs, DVDs and other items, we want to spread the message of holiness so that it reaches places where we cannot go personally and thus transform many lives.
Social Services
The Gospel of the Kingdom is not detached from reality, as something abstract. The Kingdom of God is realized through practical actions. Therefore, social responsibility is embedded in the good news of Christ: feeding the hungry, caring for the needs of orphans and widows, caring for the sick and giving to the poor. The Relationship Institute in Holiness is aware of this responsibility and will also act in the social area, developing projects and activities in this regard.