What it is

In 2003, Ney and Julia began to live an unusual experience - a relationship in holiness - something completely opposite from what is expected of a dating couple who follow the cultural patterns of this time. Living by the principles and values ​​contained in the Holy Bible, since 2004, the couple has shared the message of holiness and provided support to churches with seminars and materials on the subject in Brazil and Latin American countries, North America and Europe.

Ministering over the years, the couple realized that to bring a real impact and transform a culture, it was not enough just to perform a " weekend event for young people", but provide a continuity of work with the whole church, including, parents, married couples and adolescents. This gave birth to  the Relationship Institute in Holiness, founded in 2015 as a Christian organization that promotes these principles. Our field of work is the community within the family (teenagers, young dating and engaged couples, married couples and parents). We act in the field of relationships and sexuality.
We use the Holy Scriptures as our benchmark for action, so our demand arises of what they advertise. Therefore, grounded in the Word of God, we want to meet the need that presents itself in our time, marked by the trivialization of relationships, promiscuity, debauchery and sexual immorality. The Word of God encourages us to act according to his will, which is sanctification (1 Thessalonians 4: 3).

The Relationship Institute in Holiness is an organization that aims to contribute in training people to live healthy relationships according to God's will through the Scriptures.