How it works

Providing support in the areas of relationships and sexuality to churches.

Our goal is to provide the tools necessary for people to live pure relationships, according to the principles and values of the Kingdom of

God. The Institute works in 3 steps:
THE FIRST STEP begins with the Relationship Seminar in Holiness: for three days the church receives impactful teachings about the biblical principles for relationships, either as single, dating or married. Over 10 years teaching this seminar, we have harvested fruits of couples who have been tremendously impacted and restored through the presence of God during these days. Watch some testimonials

THE SECOND STEP is with a continuity work, reinforcing what was received during the seminar. This is where we present the Course for Relationship Parent Training. Our youth need references as examples so they can be guided. Over the years we have received several requests for help from young couples who have decided to live in holiness, however, they have no married couples in their congregation who can help them. For this reason, the institute decided to form the RELATIONSHIP PARENTS COURSE. This course lasts for 13 weeks and is 100% ONLINE, where the class meets in a space with internet given by the church and the classes are taught LIVE via video conferencing. Each couple receives the "Relationship Parent Kit" with all the teaching materials so that during the week they can do the homework of the tasks to be discussed in class as a group. Watch the video and learn more.

THE THIRD STEP is the preparation program for young couples for a relationship. Usually the churches adopt a practice of guiding young people who want to be in a relationship to a period of three months of prayer. But what we have mostly seen are young people who have decided to speak to the pastor and accept to go through this period of three months only as a religious protocol. What they actually do least in these three months is pray! For this reason, this program consists of a three month training for couples who want to start a relationship in the church. They receive education, guidance and counseling, in order to enable them to enter this new stage of their lives. Our goal is to form the basis of principles and strong values ​​and teachings based on God's Word about how to relate to their parents and leaders during courtship, financial life, marriage as a goal of dating and experiences with God beside the person they love.

FINALLY using the seminar as a kick off, the goal is that young people who have gone through this mentoring program, are connected with Relationship Parents (married couple graduated from our Institute), performing a weekly meeting for discipleship, from the start of their dating until the day of their wedding. During these meetings they will have the opportunity to ask for help, advice and open their hearts in an environment of love and mercy without condemnation. Thus, we intend to work for the re-establishment of the principles of God as the standard for all relationships, bringing the Culture of the Kingdom to families, cities and nations.